Three Ways to Add More Fun to Your Leadership Style

Is business life feeling stale and boring? Fun is an inside job, always within your control, and the choice you have to make every single day. Keep reading for ways you can incorporate fun and spontaneity throughout your day.

When people think about their jobs and work, fun probably isn’t the first idea that comes to mind. Nonetheless, work should have an element of fun. Contrary to what you might think, making work more enjoyable and fun helps on a number of levels – it increases employee engagement, it helps to boost productivity, and it helps people to collaborate more. Here are a few ways to add more fun to your workplace.

Turn a project into a game

There are various ways to do this. For example, one person breaks down their projects into a set of tasks, numbers each task, and assigns each a deadline. The goal is to finish the task by the deadline. If the person completes the task in the time allotted, they give themselves a reward.

Add music to the workplace

Another simple way to make work a little more fun is simply to listen to music while you work. Music is a great way to make the work environment better.

Music can help you to focus and put you in a more work-oriented mood. Research has shown that music can help to calm people and lower cortisol levels in the body, which also helps to reduce stress. Moreover, it can help to lower anxiety and improve mental health in general.

A new location

Another way to make your work a little more fun and interesting is to do it from a different location. This too can help to boost creativity and productivity. Working in a place that’s new also helps people to focus more.

A change in location is beneficial because the brain likes novelty. When the brain experiences something new, it releases dopamine, a chemical that activates the pleasure centers. And research is also showing that dopamine is tied to motivation. Your brain releases it when you are working toward your goal, and it acts to help motivate you to reach that goal.

Moving to a new location also breaks up your usual routine, which also helps to increase your energy.

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