Proven senior leaders.
Experienced functional managers.

At G.A. Rogers & Associates, we enable organizations to shorten time-to-hire for critical executive, managerial, and/or other supervisory roles—while enabling proven leaders to accelerate their careers.

This simple reality is that the top executive and management talent isn’t looking for a new opportunity. It’s also extremely difficult for organizations to directly, and confidentially, recruit this talent. That’s where G.A. Rogers & Associates can help you excel. We partner with leading organizations and directly source top leadership talent for key strategic growth roles, including:


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
Corporate Leadership

  • Vice President
  • General Manager
  • Head of Operations
  • Controller
Management and Director

  • Director/Manager of Finance
  • Director/Manager of Operations
  • Director/Manager of HR
  • Director/Manager of Sales
  • Director/Manager of Marketing
  • Director/Manager of IT
  • Director/Manager of HR
  • Department Managers
  • Emerging Leaders

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