Working with G.A. Rogers & Associates

How are you compensated?
Our fee is based on the first-year salary of the candidate we submit and you hire.
How will I be billed?
We recruit high performers. Likewise, we believe in a performance-based recruitment and search model. We conduct all the up-front work; recruiting, sourcing, vetting, presentation, offer negotiation and much more. You only pay when we cross the finish line and deliver a key hire. Once an executive or leader is hired, then and only then, will there be a fee.
How long does your process take?
We define recruiting timelines at the start of each search with our clients. These are customized based on the complexity of the skills and experience needed for each position.
Will we work with a dedicated executive recruiter?
Yes. You will have a single point of contact focused on your successful search.
How often will our recruiter(s) be in touch with us?
Your recruiter will keep you updated regularly on the status of the search. Please feel free to reach out at any time.
Will G.A. Rogers & Associates reach out directly to potential candidates about open positions?
Yes. We have ongoing relationships with passive job seekers. We may have someone in mind when we learn your requirements. If we do not have a suitable candidate in our immediate network, we will cast a wider net to find the right candidate.
Will G.A. Rogers & Associates coordinate and schedule interviews with our internal team and candidates?
Yes. We will schedule interviews at a time convenient to you and the candidate. We will debrief you after the interview and provide you with feedback from the interviewee.
If we decide to pursue an offer, will G.A. Rogers & Associates negotiate with candidates on our behalf?
Yes. We will work closely with you and the candidate to negotiate a compensation package that satisfies all parties.
What happens if a new hire doesn’t work out? Is your fee refundable?
Our focus is finding the right fit for you. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.
If an offer is rejected, will G.A. Rogers & Associates manage follow-up with additional candidates?
Yes. We will continue the search until we find the right candidate.
What happens if we just can’t find the right match?
Since we strive to conduct searches in our areas of expertise, this is a rare situation. We typically are successful with finding the right candidate within our vast network. If it does occur, there is no charge with a contingency search.
What is the best way for me to refer other businesses to G.A. Rogers & Associates?
Proud to Refer™ at G.A. Rogers & Associates. If you know a business looking to fill a management position, refer them to us and you can earn a reward for each business that contracts with G.A. Rogers & Associates for their search. Simply fill out the form on our referral page and we will follow up promptly.
Does G.A. Rogers & Associates have any leadership development resources?
Yes. Contact your recruiter for details.
Do you offer HR/Recruiting development and or training services?
Yes. Contact your recruiter for details.
Do you manage general background, criminal and drug screenings?
Yes. For background checks, we offer county specific searches or nationwide database searches, depending on pricing and what is important to the client. For drug screening, we have both in-house instant oral tests, and relationships with multiple testing labs in almost every market in the United States to handle specific client requests.

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