Let G.A. Rogers & Associates
shorten your talent search.

Our role is to be your talent scout. To help you more deeply evaluate your hiring requirements, develop a sourcing strategy, identify top performers, and hire those select individuals who best fit the role and your corporate culture. 

How we work:

Phase 1: Strategy

Evaluate your open position, the competitive landscape, your culture and organizational structure, and your unique value proposition.
Documentation of success requirements (i.e., key personality/cultural attributes, experience/skill requirements, roles and responsibilities, benefits, compensation, etc.).
Internal Briefing
Cross-train G.A. Rogers & Associates search team on your assignment objectives.
Search Strategy
Develop a targeted talent source plan leveraging our national network, your business’s network and other relevant resources.

Phase 2: Sourcing

Direct recruiting of targeted job candidates from source lists and referral partners.
Prospect Qualification
Complete qualification screening and initial personal interviews to evaluate each candidate’s credentials, motivation, and objectives.
Reference Checks
Verify work histories. Conduct character references with supervisors, peers, customers, and direct reports. Complete background checks as necessary.

Phase 3: Selection

Present and discuss our list of top qualified candidates.
Facilitate interviews, including pre- and post-interview communications with your team and candidates.
Develop a short-list of finalists.
Offer Preparation
Reconfirm compensation criteria, address counteroffers, verify start time availability, and obtain commitment that an extended offer will result in acceptance.

Phase 4: Offer Confirmation

Offer Presentation
Document and present all components of the offer, including compensation (bonus, commission structure, stock, etc.), benefits, title, reporting structure and start date.
Address candidate concerns and secure final agreement, incorporating the interests of both parties (yours and the candidate).
Obtain a signed offer letter and assist the candidate with their resignation communications, if requested.
Continue to work with your new hire to ensure related resignations and relocations are on track, and that they are successfully integrated into your business environment.

G.A. Rogers & Associates will be with you at every step in the process.

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