Three Steps to Create a Routine of Unstoppable Energy And Passion

No matter what kind of job you have, you may find that from time to time motivation may be lagging. It happens. For some, it may occur more than others. If you find that your motivation is lagging, for whatever reason, here are some things you can do to rev up your passion for work again.

Set goals and have a plan

The act of setting goals itself is something that gives us drive and energy. They give us something to work toward, something to accomplish. And neuroscience has a reason for this. When we set goals, our brains release a chemical substance called dopamine, which activates the pleasure centers in our brains. This happens because our goals have become a reward that we are working toward – what our brain is looking forward to – and the dopamine release motivates us to gain that reward.

In the same way, coming up with a practical nuts-and-bolts plan for how to achieve the goal will help motivate us to get started and get moving.

When setting goals, however, you should remember the SMART method – goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.

Find a mentor

A mentor is someone in a senior position, a person with a good deal of experience and knowledge who can provide help and counsel to you. More than likely, they’ve been through the same situations you have and faced the same challenges and problems, making this person a good source of information on how to confront the obstacles.

Read and visualize

Reading something inspiring can always help with motivation. Reading biographies of notable individuals is always uplifting because you get to see how they overcame obstacles and persevered to reach their goals. Reading these kinds of things often inspires us in our own life.

Along with reading, we need to visualize in our mind taking the actions needed to achieve our goals and be successful. This is what Olympic athletes do. Before each race, Olympic champion Michael Phelps rehearsed in his mind the entire race, visualizing leaping from the starting blocks, swimming, making turns, and finally touching the wall before everyone else. It was a powerful motivating force for him.

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