Is Your Onboarding Process Costing You Top Talent? 3 Ways to Get It Right


Onboarding a new employee is more than just saying hello and sending the person to the human resources department to fill out forms.  

Onboarding aims to make sure the new person gets off to a good start and set him or her up for success at the company. Here are a few tips on how to do it right. 

1. Have things prepared 

The first thing you can do is send an email to the person even before their first day on the job to welcome them. In the email, you can include all of the usual administrative paperwork a new employee needs to fill out during their first day on the job.  

This way, this tedious task will be out of the way when the person reports for work, and he can then focus on what he needs to learn about the job.  

You should also have the person’s workspace set up for him or her when he arrives. Show them around the company if you have not already done so. Make sure you have notified everyone in the office about the new hire and that they are all prepared to lend a hand to the new person if he or she needs it. 

You can also give the person a small gift as a welcome and include a copy of its mission and goals. 

Designate someone to be a mentor for the new person, someone the new employee can go to if he has questions.  

You should also put together an agenda for the new person that lays out each step of the onboarding process to know what will be happening.  

2. Give a formal welcome

You can do this by sending out a group email to everyone letting them know about the new hire and giving some details about the new person’s background and their job at the company. You can also make introductions during the new employee’s first day at work. 

3. Get feedback 

You should check with the new person to get his or her opinion about the onboarding process. Did he or she feel it was helpful? What did he like or dislike about the process? What improvements can he suggest?  

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