The Keys to an Effective Hiring Selection Process

After the first round of interviews, you have usually whittled down your list of candidates. During the initial interview, you probably covered the most common interview questions — tell me about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, where you see yourself in five years, and why you think you are the right person for the job. Keep reading for keys to making sure your hiring process is effective.

Now you need to focus more on the nitty-gritty aspects of the job itself. At this point, focusing on behavioral questions will give you a more complete perspective on the candidate. With these types of questions, the candidate has to describe how they handled a particular situation and the steps they took to solve a problem or perform a task.

Behavioral Interview Questions

How would the person, for example, spot problems on the job, or the reverse, identify opportunities for improvement? What steps would they go through, or what kind of process would they use?

You can also discuss some of the most urgent problems facing your company and ask the candidate how they would solve them. Another good strategy is to have the candidate talk about how they see the job and industry evolving in the future.

Another good question would be how the person adapts to changing conditions and how they innovate and ask for examples.

One good behavioral question is asking the person to describe how they handled conflicts in the past and how they resolved the situation. Another behavioral question is how the person dealt with a difficult team project. This gives you some idea of how the person works with others and deals with problems.

Asking the person about past leadership roles is a way to gauge what kind of leadership abilities they have. It can indicate how the person handles responsibility and whether the person sought out more significant duties.

Another good behavioral question is how the person solved one of his or her most difficult problems.

Work with a Recruiting Agency

Working with a recruiting agency can make the hiring process easier and more efficient. The agency will send you candidates that have already been prescreened to meet the job requirements, so you spend less time searching for candidates.

Start Your Hiring Process

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