7 Ways to Spot a Good Leader in the First Interview

spotting a good leader

If you are a hiring manager, how can you tell if the person sitting across from you has leadership qualities? If you know what to look for, there are definite telltale signs of a person who is a true leader. Here are a few of them. 

1. Leaders come to the interview prepared

They not only know about your company but your competitors and your industry. They ask interesting, thoughtful questions that show they have thought carefully about your company, its operation, and its problems.  

They take notes during the interview for future reference. 

2. They have good self-awareness 

They know what their strengths and their weaknesses are. They can talk persuasively about their accomplishments and the skills they bring to the table.  

But they are also not afraid to talk about times when they made a mistake or failed. But their leadership qualities come through when they also talk about the lessons learned and how it changed their behavior. Their work history shows they are not afraid to take risks or of failure. 

3. They exude confidence  

They know what they are about and know their abilities. When they talk, there is no fidgeting or other gestures that reveal insecurity. There is a calmness and poise about them.  

4. They have established a reputation 

They are active in their profession, attending conferences and other professional gatherings. They are active on LinkedIn, posting blogs and commenting on the work of colleagues. They may have a following on Twitter.  

5. They value self-improvement 

Leaders are eager to take on new challenges, whether it is at work or in their personal lives. They are always focused on moving forward and improving themselves in some way. Even if they experience failure, they remain undaunted, but continue to move forward. 

6. They question 

They want to know the reasons behind the action, why something is done a certain way. They don’t accept something as settled and accepted practice simply because it has always been done that way. 

7. They know how to delegate 

Real leaders work to involve their team and build trust with them. They have mastered the art of delegating. 

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