Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Review Your Company Hiring Processes

The pandemic has led to new working arrangements, with many employees now working remotely. Many people are leaving their jobs and are reassessing their careers goals, looking for more flexibility, better work-life balance, and a greater sense of purpose.

Companies are struggling more than ever to find new employees. 

Because of these upheavals in the workplace, it has never been more important for companies to take a hard look at their hiring practices, ensuring they are operating effectively. Here are some of the things to look at in your review. 

1. Be aware of how the candidates’ goals fit with the job

Consider how you see the job developing over the next few years and how it fits in with the company’s goals. You also need to consider the candidate’s goals and ambitions, and how the person wants to grow in their career. Then consider how the candidate’s aspirations align with how you see the job developing in the future.

2. Do a thorough reference check

Hiring managers sometimes neglect this task because it can be time-consuming. But it is important to do in order to really learn about a job candidate.

It’s more than just checking work histories but learning about a person’s motivation, work ethic, past performance, and how they work with others. It will help you to determine if they have the qualities that you are looking for in a new employee.

3. Don’t become too preoccupied with the person’s past

Naturally, you want to get information about the person’s performance in previous jobs, but don’t get caught up in the details. What you need to focus on is how they will solve problems in the new job and what kind of potential they have. You’re looking not just at past achievements, but future potential.

4. Go beyond the traditional interview

The conventional interview can take you only so far. You need to get beyond this with other evaluation tools, such as personality tests or skill-based assessments. Ideally, you should work with the candidate as part of the hiring process. Test their problem-solving skills in a situation that mirrors the daily work environment that they will be operating in. 

Also, have them spend time with the team they will be working with to see if they are a good fit.

5. Be clear about job expectations

Be honest with them about their role, duties, responsibilities, and how their performance will be measured.  

Find the Right Fit for Your Company

If your company is looking for qualified, reliable people, G.A. Rogers can provide them. We thoroughly screen all of our job candidates to ensure they have the skills and experience you need, and that they will be a good fit for your company. Give us a call today.