The 45 Most Important Minutes of Your Day and How They Can Boost Your Productivity

When are they? It’s 45 minutes at the end of the day just before you head off to bed. That’s because what happens during this time has an outsize impact on your sleep and the following day.

After you drift off, your mind focuses on this time more than anything else that happened to you during the day. What you do before bedtime leaves a bigger imprint on your consciousness during sleep.

That is why reviewing your day and planning ahead during this time can have a big impact.

Ask yourself some questions during this time. For example, how you could have been more effective that day, how you could have been better at your job, how you could have been more assertive, or any other quality you are trying to cultivate. 

Let the events of the day move through your mind, then replay the experiences. Only play them back with you acting how you wish you had, rather than how you actually did. This will be assimilated into your thought processes. 


Another exercise you can do to help your performance is to write in a journal. At the end of the day, write down several things you achieved that day. It can be something you achieved at work or in your personal life – financially, personal development, or community service. 

Write down a goal you would like to achieve and then some thoughts on how you can make progress toward that goal. Then write a concrete action you can take that will move you in the direction you want to go. 

The next step is to move the action items that you have recorded to your calendar to schedule a specific time when you will follow through on doing the activity. This exercise is a powerful way to help you build up momentum toward reaching your goals. 


Another exercise to help your performance is visualizing what you will do during the following day at work. In your mind’s eye, picture your perfect day, visualize yourself doing everything you need to and doing it well. 

Picture yourself performing at your best. During the night, as you sleep, your mind will assimilate this information in your subconscious and be primed to respond the next day.  

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