Why Confidentiality Is Key to Effective Hiring

There are times when a company needs to do a confidential search to fill an open position. It could be that they are looking to replace an employee who is not performing up to expectations, trying to fill a newly created position as yet unadvertised, or attempting to lure away someone from a competitor.

How to Hire Confidentially

Conducting a confidential candidate search presents some unique challenges because of the need for secrecy. It will likely be more time-consuming. To start, you will not be able to post a job ad as you would normally do because it will enable people to identify your company. You will pretty much be on your own when it comes to finding people.

When conducting these types of searches, a staffing agency like G.A. Rogers can help. G.A. Rogers can place ads for the position which will not be connected with yourcompany. The agency can advertise confidentially, attracting a larger talent pool than if your company did the recruiting. It also helps save time. This is a course of action many companies do, in fact, pursue.

Using an agency also minimizes the disruption to the regular routine of hiring managers.

One of the most challenging aspects of recruiting people confidentially is maintaining secrecy within the company. Usually, the hiring manager will rely on a very limited number of people to help with the recruitment. But if the company does the recruiting, it is tough to maintain complete secrecy because, often, information gets leaked.

Finding Candidates on Your Own

If you decide to do a candidate search yourself, it will be much more labor-intensive without the help of an agency because you won’t be able to advertise. But there are many sources to tap in the search with online job boards and social media, such as Indeed.com and LinkedIn. Naturally, when talking with candidates, you will need to be careful how much you reveal until you have a person who you think will be a good fit for the job.

To maintain confidentiality during the initial interviews, you can talk to candidates on video calls. However, when you have pared down the field to your final candidates, you will need to bring them into the office for a face-to-face meeting. At this point, you will no longer be able to maintain secrecy, and you should be prepared to make an announcement at that time.

As a leading executive-level employment agency, G.A. Rogers can help you conduct a confidential hiring process and cost-effectively pinpoint the talent you need. Visit our website to learn more about G.A. Rogers & Associates.