The Art of Employee Appreciation

Recognizing and rewarding employee accomplishments is important for any company. Companies that consistently do this have better employee engagement, greater retention among workers, and greater productivity among their people.

Here are some ways that companies show their appreciation:


To recognize employees, some companies give out prizes at company gatherings. The gifts can run the gamut from something small like a gift card to something more substantial, like an iPhone or a dinner at a swanky restaurant.

Some companies focus on gifts that are centered around an experience, such as an excursion. People tend to remember an experience more than an object.

Using company communication channels

Some companies use their communication channels, such as Slack, for recognizing employees. Anyone in the company can recognize others for their efforts with the entire office. This way, the recognition doesn’t come just from the leadership. It becomes a company-wide thing, part of the culture of the organization.

Ongoing feedback

Conventional recognition programs are important for showing how companies value employees. But just as important is ongoing, informal feedback that managers give to their workers on a daily basis. This can have an even more significant impact on retaining employees and creating a supportive workplace culture.

Team meetings

Another way to recognize employees is by acknowledging their efforts at the beginning of routine team meetings. This can be done by managers or by coworkers.

Employee of the month

Each month, every employee nominates someone whom they feel made a major contribution during that month, and they explain their reasons for nominating the person. Then the employees together select a winner for that month. The honoree then receives a monetary reward. Because the recognition comes from peers, it means a lot more to the person receiving it.

Achieving goals

When teams come together to work on a project, the first thing they do is set goals for various parts of the project. One good way to maintain employee engagement is to celebrate when the team reaches a benchmark goal. There are many different ways to do this, such as a happy hour, going to a restaurant or concert.

Using social media

Another way to recognize employees is by posting their achievements on social media and on the company website. This gives them wider recognition beyond just other team members.

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