Resilience And Drive: Why These Are Must Have Characteristics In Your Next Leader

Identifying and recruiting key leaders is one of the single most important factors in determining the short- and long-term success of any business. When selecting leaders, there are two traits that are particularly important. Let’s examine these in a bit more detail:


Adversity is a part of life, and at some point we all experience failure. Because of this, resilience is essential for success. Especially among leaders, where the challenges and adversity are of a much greater magnitude. Resilience is an absolute necessity if a person is to successfully lead an organization.

What is resilience? It’s the ability to recover from difficulties and setbacks and to continue toward a goal. Leaders who are resilient are able to function at a high level under pressure and are able to deal with disruptive changes and adapt to them. As well as functioning under pressure, resilient leaders can bounce back from setbacks or failures and overcome major difficulties.

All high-performing leaders know that to lead others, they must have a moral character that inspires trust among their employees. One of the traits that inspires that trust is resilience. Leaders need to be resilient so that they can inspire and guide others to achieve goals as a team.


Drive is the motivation to reach a goal. Having drive as a leader is central to their role as it affects all employees and the culture of the company. If a leader does not have strong drive, employees are not likely to either.

Conversely, a leader with drive can have the same impact in the other direction—setting an example for workers and motivating them to greater effort and achievement. When employees see that their leaders are giving it their all, it will inspire them to do the same.

As a leader, you need to recognize when your drive is lagging, and you are not working as hard as you should toward your goals. Are you avoiding challenging tasks and conversations? Are you spending too much of your time checking email, attending meetings, or putting out fires rather than looking ahead to avoid problems?

If this is happening, you need to determine what is draining your energy and remember what your purpose is.

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