Open Board Seat? Targeting and Preparing Your Next Nominee

Finding the right person to fill a seat on your company’s board of directors is crucial for the direction and governance of the organization. Here are some essential steps to identify and recruit a qualified board member.

Identify Needs:

Assess the current board’s strengths and weaknesses to determine the skills and expertise that are lacking. For example, if your company is expanding internationally, a director with global business experience would be valuable. Consider diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, background, and perspective to enhance the board’s decision-making capabilities.

Set Clear Criteria:

Specify the required industry experience, professional background, and any specific skills, such as financial acumen or marketing prowess. Look for qualities like integrity, strategic thinking, and leadership abilities.

Conduct a Comprehensive Search:

Ask current board members and senior executives for referrals. They may know qualified candidates within their professional networks. Tap into industry associations, business groups, and professional organizations that cater to potential board members.

Engage Executive Search Firms:

Consider hiring an executive search firm that specializes in board placements. These firms have extensive networks and expertise in identifying suitable candidates. Use databases and platforms dedicated to board recruitment, such as BoardEx or the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

Public Announcements:

Post the board vacancy on professional job boards and LinkedIn to reach a wider audience. Issue a press release announcing the search, which can attract attention from high-profile candidates.

Evaluate and Select Candidates:

Conduct an initial screening based on the candidates’ resumes and cover letters to shortlist those who meet the criteria. Arrange interviews with potential candidates to assess their fit with the company culture, their understanding of the business, and their ability to contribute strategically.

Due Diligence:

Perform thorough background checks, including verifying past board experiences, checking references, and assessing any potential conflicts of interest. Ensure the candidate aligns with the company’s values and can work collaboratively with other board members.

Board Approval:

Have the nomination committee review the shortlisted candidates and make a recommendation to the full board. The final candidate should be approved by a majority vote of the current board members.

Onboarding and Integration:

Provide comprehensive information about the company’s operations, financial performance, and strategic plans. Introduce the new director to other board members and brief them on the board’s processes and expectations.

Continuous Engagement:

Pair the new director with an experienced board member to help them acclimate. Keep the new board member informed and engaged with ongoing company developments and board activities.

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