Look for These 4 Common Qualities That High-Performers Share

Every company is looking for high-performing workers. Their productivity easily overshadows that of their more mediocre peers. How can you identify someone who is high-performing?

They have several traits in common, and most of these traits can be traced back to motivation. Here are a few of the most important.

1. Determination

High performers are driven. They have a great determination to achieve. They are never satisfied with the status quo or mediocre performance and constantly strive to improve their work. They’re always looking for new challenges, ones that will demand the most of their knowledge and skill.

A hallmark of the high performer is consistency. They are always trying to give their best effort. They have a well-thought-out daily routine and good work habits. They are reliable, and people know they can count on high performers.

2. Dedication

High-performing people are dedicated to achieving their own goals and also the goals of their company.

They begin each day and each week by reviewing their goals and what they expect to achieve in their jobs and profession. These overarching goals become a guide for their actions and their behavior. Each task they perform, each decision they make, is based on whether it will help them reach their goals.

Their dedication also enables them to accept feedback, even though it may be critical of their performance. They ask questions to learn how to make improvements and then they take steps to implement those improvements.

3. Being Proactive

High performers don’t wait around for things to happen. They make things happen. They look for opportunities, and then they take advantage of those opportunities.

This includes taking responsibility for their professional development. They’re always looking for opportunities to learn, get additional training, and take on new responsibilities. They attend workshops and seminars to help them acquire new skills, earn new qualifications, and perform better at work.

4. Positive Attitude

High performers try to maintain an optimistic attitude. They know how much attitude can affect performance. They also know how much a person’s attitude can affect those around them.

So, even if they are given a difficult task, they don’t complain about it. They focus on what has to be done to overcome the challenge.

They always try to set a good example and are always happy to help out other colleagues.

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