How to Deal With a Counteroffer

With the job market being so favorable to workers right now, you may have decided to look around yourself to see what other opportunities there may be out there. And, after conducting your job search, you received an offer from another company. After informing your current employer that you are resigning, they have made a counteroffer with an increase in pay.

The dilemma now is, should you accept the counteroffer?

There are several reasons why career counselors advise against it.

1. The problem is still there

Many people leave jobs for reasons other than money. It could be because they just don’t get along with coworkers or their supervisors. Or they may see no opportunity for career growth or development in their current job. They may feel that they are in a rut, that their current job has become too routine, without any challenges. Or they may even have reservations about the direction that the company is going and feel that they no longer fit in with its culture.

So, if you accept the counteroffer and decide to stay, these kinds of problems will still be there, and you will still have to deal with them.

2. Your commitment is suspect

If management sees that you are eager to jump ship for new opportunities, they will naturally begin to question your commitment to the company and your willingness to devote 100 percent effort to do your job. They will see that your attention is focused not exclusively on your job but on other opportunities.

You may even find that you are being passed over for important projects or not kept in the loop about decisions or other plans. 

3. You may become expendable

If the company experiences a drop-off in sales or a downturn in the economy and needs to lay off employees, it’s more than likely that you will be one of the first to go because they know you have been looking elsewhere.

Finally, if you realize that your company has not been paying you a competitive salary, even if they do give you a raise, you may begin to question how much they value your work. 

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