7 Nontraditional Interview Questions to Find High-Level Hires

non traditional interview questions

If you are hiring for a higher-level position, you need to have a thorough understanding of a person, not just their technical skills but also personality, values, and leadership qualities. Here are seven offbeat questions that may help to reveal more about the candidate’s character.

1. When did you last tell a lie?

The purpose of this question is to gain some insight into a person’s honesty. The person will probably respond with some small, white lie they told, but even this can open a window into their integrity and personality. It will give you some indication of their values.

2. What are you reading?

Some may not consider this all that nontraditional, but it is an important question, especially for high-level positions. If the applicant cannot rattle off several books he has read recently, it raises troubling questions about their knowledge base, desire for continual learning, and to be well informed.

3. What is your ideal vacation?

This, too, tells you something about the candidate’s personality and what they consider essential. Does the person prefer something more adventuresome or novel, do they prefer a more family-oriented trip or prefer to stay close to home or travel?

4. What would you ask me if you were doing the interviewing?

This helps to break the ice a little and show how the candidate thinks and their ability to evaluate talent. After the candidate responds, ask the person to answer their question.

5. What would you do if you won the lottery?

This question also gives insight into the person’s values and even their hopes for their future. Would the person spend the money on their self or on others? You also might get some idea of what motivates the person – material possessions, power, experiences, or having a good reputation.

6. What song best describes your work ethic?

This is another ice breaker. It will give some idea again of the person’s personality and how they view their role at the company. It makes a good lead-in question to a more in-depth conversation.

7. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

This should give some insight into what a person truly values in their life and what they see as most important.

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